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Question: Do we have an idea of the schedule and impact it will have on the students? If approved in March, when would be the target start and completion date?

Answer: The team is starting to map out a phased approach to construction and identify swing space.  The schedule will focus on the summer months while the students are out of school.  The schedule will also focus on the safety of the students.  All workers will be badged, background checked, and not intermingling with the students.

Question: Is the design based on the current number of students and is there room for expansion?

Answer: There is room for future expansion and flexibility within the floor plan to accommodate additional students.

Question: How will information about tax impact be communicated to the community?

Answer: We will go to bond and get a rate on the bond.  We do not have the tax impact at this point.  It will be a warrant article this March. As soon as the tax impact is calculated, it will be published for the community.

Question: Will there be additional space added to the classroom wing of the building?

Answer: Yes. The plan includes 3 two-story classroom and collaboration spaces to be added along the outside of the existing classrooms.

Question: Does this design include the 5th grade?

Answer: No, the design does not include the 5th grade.  There was an extensive conversation about including the 5th grade and it was determined to not include it in the design.

Question: I’m concerned about capacity, is expansion space for 70 additional students sufficient? What is the trend over time? How long will it last?

Answer: 70‐75 students are the equivalent of one additional classroom per grade.  The trend had been declining.

Question: If there are more than 70 additional students, how would we accommodate them? Will we have to add classrooms along the new corridor?

Answer: While the planned renovation includes flexibility to utilize various spaces as classrooms if needed, areas that could accommodate classroom additions in future projects will be indicated on the plans going forward.

Question: On the proposed plan, the 1st floor has 11 classrooms and the 2nd floor has 10 classrooms. How does this translate to 6 full teams when the model has only 4 content areas of Science, Math, Social Studies, and English in each one?

Answer: The current design provides space for the current team structure which has full and partial teams.  The design has the flexibility to provide different arrangements to accommodate future growth.

Question: What is the square footage of the existing school versus the total square footage of the proposed school?

Answer: The existing school is 56,343 gross square feet. The total square footage of the proposed school is 98,959 gross square feet. Please see the breakdown below.


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